Kidder Funeral Home offers complete cremation services. Cremation can be another means of disposition after a funeral service.

When choosing crematation there a variety of avenues that can be taken to memorialize your loved one. You may wish to have a traditional funeral service in which the body would be present. Cremation would then take place after services. Others may want to first have the body cremated and then have a service. In this case you may or may not want to have the cremated remains at the service. You also may choose to simply have a photo of the deceased in place of the urn. Cremation can be done without having a cermony as well. No matter what your desires are, we are here to discuss the options available to you.

About the Cremation Process
Cremation is the process in which the body is reduced to bone fragments by means of intense heat. The body is placed into a cremation chamber for about 3 hours. Fragments of the remains are processed into a finer substance, often referred to as ashes. The remains are then placed into an urn. The family is then presented with this urn containing the "ashes". Again, there are many options that you have once you have the remains. Often the deceased had previously expressed a place that was special to them in which they wanted to have there ashes scattered. Other options include having them entomed, buried or simply kept by the family.