By pre-planning a funeral you and your family can be assured that all details are taken care of when you are grieving during this difficult time.

Here at Kidder Funeral Home we are always here to help with your pre-planning. You may simply want to express your needs and desires or you can completely pre-plan and pre-pay for your funeral expenses.

We work exclusively with New England Funeral Trust to ensure that your pre-paid funds are locked in at the current costs.

Advantages of Pre-Planning:

  • You have adequate time to prepare and arrange the wishes of your loved one.
  • You can be rest assured that the funds are in place to cover the funeral costs.
  • You and your family can be free of the burdens, both financial and emotional, during these difficult circumstances.
  • You will be protected from rising funeral costs.

Overview of Services we provide:

  • We will work with you to gather all information that will be needed for the obituary and death certificate.
  • We are here to meet all of your desires and wishes. This information will be recorded for use when the death occurs.
  • We will provide you with guaranteed funeral costs. For instance, if you pre-plan a funeral and the person unexpectedly lives for another ten years, you will have the cost locked in at what it was when you pre-planned.
  • We can offer you the comfort of our home to meet with you or we can meet with you in your own home if you wish.

Call or email us anytime to make an appointment to discuss any phase of pre-planning services.